The automobile industry is an ever-growing and constantly evolving sector in the contemporary world. The industry is a leader in the economic sector as well. There are several companies in automobile sector designing and introducing the consumer world with latest innovative motor vehicles.

The scientific development in the field of power and energy has revolutionized the lives of human beings. The biggest contribution of scientists and engineers in this field is the invention of batteries. Batteries are portable packs of power which through the process of chemical reaction which are used in almost every device we commonly use in our day to day lives.

The automobile industry has also benefitted immensely through the inclusion of batteries in devising their cars. Batteries now help operate all-electric circuits fitted in the cars. Batteries like most other things in life do have a life span and they do often can fail to operate due to various reasons. To avoid car battery problems it is important to regularly check up on batteries.

In this brief guide we will enlist and explain a few common causes for a car battery to fail:

  1. Expiration of Batteries

Batteries often have an expiration date associated with their life spans which vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Regular usage of car batteries can eventually wear out the batteries. In this regard, it is often wise to keep a regular check on the batteries in your cars.

  1. Due to very high or low temperature

Batteries are composed of chemicals which react to create an electric current powering the device or gadget it is to be inculcated in. The fluctuating rise and fall of temperature is a common cause for car battery failure. Regions, where the temperatures are very cold batteries, tend to be at their lowest performance. There are signs regarding battery failure issues such as dimming lights which can help you avoid any unforeseen breakdowns.

  1. Irregular usage for more than a few days

Car batteries come into action when you turn your car on and off. The more use you use your car, the more the car battery will be in operation which can add strain on the battery. On the opposite side of the story, if you do not use your car as often will eventually mean that your car battery will be idle. An idle battery can lose its power significantly and can land you in issues related to car battery problems.

  1. Corrosion

The composition of the battery consists of various chemicals including acids. Acids by nature are volatile and can cause an uncontrolled chemical reaction resulting in corrosion. Corrosion in simple terms is reaction between an acid with metal causing decomposition of the metal. Corrosion can even occur inside the battery which may cause battery failures.

  1. Dead Cell

The major components inside any battery are cells and an electrolyte solution. The process of function is based on a continuous chemical reaction. The ability of the battery cell to lose its power continuously is what causes a dead cell in a car battery.

  1. Human Errors

There are several devices infused in our modern cars, most of which depend on batteries for their source of power. In certain cases, it may come to pass that you may have forgotten to turn something off keeping the consumption of power from the batteries active. This is another major reason due to which a battery can get drained and turn your car battery completely dead.