How to Extend Lifetime and Performance on your USB Power Bank

USB Batteries have become an indispensable product for users; it is compatible with Smartphone’s, Tablets, and Mac Book. Power banks are a great accessory, so you can always bring your spare power, instead of having to chase outlets continually. Therefore, most likely you will get the most out of your USB Power bank.

Cheaper power bank means a lower-quality battery with limited safety

The essential factors in an external USB Power Bank are the Battery cells and the Safety circuit. However, those two are the most expensive part of a power bank. If you have bought a reasonably cheap Power Bank from a relatively unknown brand, you can also assume the cheaper parts used, with no tested safety parameters. In this case, you are probably already destined, as poor battery cells degrade quite fast and will not last long.

If you bought a high-quality USB Power Bank from one of the reputed brands like Imazing, you can trust the brand; it should have used the high quality of materials with tested safety measures. It could hold your device charge capacity for a more extended period, and it enhances the performance of your devices as well.

Reputable brands invest hugely in their R&D department, which helps to build good quality along with new technologies and tested safety measures. Whereas, unknown brands barely bother. With all other battery related products, there are some important guidelines to follow to improve the performance of your power bank.

Here are the three crucial things you may consider

■ Use your Power bank regularly
■ Complete one cycle in every three month
■ Don’t expose your power bank directly in contact with heat and humidity, and direct sunlight may generate excessive heat which may decline the charging capacity

These crucial steps ensure better performance and deliver a stable lifetime to Li-ion / Li-Polymer batteries.

Store power bank charge at 40%

Many users charge power bank before the trip, do you know this is one of the reasons that declines the battery capacity. This wears out the Li-ion/Li-Po batteries very quickly and should always be avoided.

The optimum charging for storage for Li-ion or Li-polymer batteries is about 40 to 50%.  You should, therefore, aim to not discharge the power banks below this level for long periods.

Don’t charge your device when you plug your power bank

It means avoid charging your devices when power bank itself is in charging mode, this wears down the battery and produce excessive heat which may further cause damage. Modern power banks disabled this function; it is recommended to use to only when extremely necessary. Manufacturers take a conventional approach and identify the life of Li-Polymer batteries in most consumer devices as being between 300 and 500 discharge/charge cycles.

Till now we had talked about power bank but did you know there is one more important key factor that is equally important. Let’s find out.

Short and High-Quality Cables

Poor quality and long cables waste a lot of power and drastically reduce the available charge in a power bank. Long wires cause huge voltage drops and reduce the charging current to a trickle. It is also one of the reasons behind people complaining about the performance of their power banks because they are using long wires for charging their devices.

It is highly recommended to use high quality and as short as possible cables for charging your devices from power banks. In terms of quality and performance buy Imazing power banks that provide the best quality along with a short, high-quality wire.

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