How do You Charge a Portable Jump Starter

A portable jump starter is a unit whose primary function is to deliver power instantly to a car battery to start a vehicle. However, one should not confuse them with battery chargers as though the latter is used for recharging the battery which might involve a few hours and require a continuous flow of current. Therefore, it can be summed up by saying that while jump starters are used for kick-starting the car battery, the battery chargers are used for recharging a battery. A portable jump starter is useful for those who continuously face issues regarding their car batteries. They come with an instruction manual, and the users are required to go through them thoroughly to make the efficient use of these units.

Uses of portable jump starters

These units are also referred to as emergency boosters, jump boxes, battery boosters, and battery jumpers. They can be used anywhere and for different purposes. Apart from kick-starting a car battery, they can be used to charge various electronic goods such as camera, laptop, and mobile and are available with different modes of LED lighting. They do not recharge any battery, instead provides enough power to turn the engine on and start the vehicle. Once the engine is turned on, the alternator can charge the battery and supply power to the electrical system.

Different ways of charging a portable jump starter

The battery in a portable jump starter acts as its source of power. Therefore, it is important to recharge them regularly. Generally, it is advisable to recharge these units after every use and once in every six months. It is also recommended that these units are not to be left in the car as it will make the batteries lose their charge faster during hot and cold weather. The indicator light on the units helps the users know when recharging is required. Therefore, users should go through the instruction manual to understand the meaning of different colors of light on the indicator. Before starting the journey for a long trip, the users must ensure that the portable jump starters are fully charged.

Using an electric outlet

The commonly used way of charging these units is using an electric outlet. One needs to insert the power adapter into an electric outlet, and the indicator light would show when it is fully recharged. Though many people suggested that it is safe to recharge the batteries of these units to 100% every time, although, it is not mandatory. Depending on its uses, the users can decide on the percentage of charge required. If it is only for kick-starting the car battery, the units are not required to charge fully. However, while traveling, one might use these units to recharge their other electronic devices, for which a fully charged portable jump starter might be required.

Using an AC adapter

One can also use the AC adapter of their vehicle to charge the batteries of a portable jump starter. This feature comes especially handy; if the users need to charge their jump starter in their mid-way where they have no access to any electrical outlet.
Portable jump starters are easy to charge, and if one follows the instruction manual, they are quite easy to use as well.

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