Imazing IM29: Reasons Why Every Car Should Carry a Heavy Duty Jump Starter

If you are a person who usually travels on your car for adventurous road trips, business travel, family holidays, etc., here is something you should know. Generally, car batteries have a span of 2 to 5 years. Prior to this, the battery needs to be replaced. If you fail to replace the battery before it dies away, you will fall into trouble. A car-break down can ruin your entire travel plan. Be it monsoon, summer, or winter, there is always a risk of you getting stranded in the middle of the road due to car problems. A portable heavy-duty jump starter can be your life-saver in such situations.

Let us understand why you should always carry a heavy-duty jump starter in your car-

• You can do it yourself:

Being stranded in the middle of the road can ruin your plans. In such a situation, all we do is just pray we get help from someone to start the car’s engine again. Carrying a reliable portable jump starter can help you jump start your car all by yourself. All you need to do is to connect the jump starter to the car battery and start your car. Imazing IM29 jump starters have LED status indicators that help you keep a check on the charge level and the charging status of the internal lithium battery. If you are not a technician or a professional, you might worry about safety issues.

Well, Imazing IM29 jump starters have highly advanced safety features that ensure reverse connection protection, over-current protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, over-charge protection, short circuit protection, and over-discharge protection. It also has an error indicator that alerts or temporarily gets disables when connected incorrectly.

• Easy to carry (portable in size):

Some car battery jump starters need to be plugged into a power source for it to work. You should invest in a powerful jump starter. Always go for a lightweight jump starter that you can easily carry in your car and take it out all by yourself whenever you need to use it. Just make sure that the jump starter is completely charged and always ready for use. Imazing IM29 jump starters consist of a pocket-sized jump box that can easily fit in a toolbox, glove compartment, center console or trunk. The heavy-duty battery booster clamps measure 220.4 inches in length.

• A one-time investment on this affordable device:

When the car battery fails and you get stranded on road, you might have to wait for someone to help you start your car. This would consume a lot of time. The second option would be to have your car towed. This would waste a lot of time calling the towing services and waiting for them to your car away and get your car started again.

It also involves a lot of costs as you would need to pay for the towing services. One of the best heavy-duty jump starters you could invest on is Imazing IM29. Its quick charge 3.0 USB port is compatible with almost all QC 3.0 USB charging specifications of products and equipment provides 3 times faster-charging speed. It can not only jump-start your car but also can supply enough power to charge your smart phones, tablets, etc.

These are the few reasons mentioned above you should consider while choosing the best heavy-duty car jump starter and especially while you’re traveling.

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