Industry Certified Power Banks: Will it worth buying?

The life of any human being in this modern-day and age is dominated by the presence of smartphones. The progress and development in the field of telecommunication have seen an exponential rate of growth. There are several manufacturers producing a wide range of devices for a wide range of consumers. Every day the level of the smartphone seems to grow. Manufacturers are introducing smartphones infused with the latest technological innovations. Smartphones are now much more than just a communication device but rather they can perform a wide range of activities. Smartphones are electronic devices depending on batteries which are built inside the devices for their source of power. All forms of batteries have their limitations and will be drained eventually. In this regard, the rise in demand for portable cell phone power bank seems very obvious answer for the trend.

Power banks are portable power pack containing non-removable batteries. The power banks themselves are charged by connecting them through the electrical port. The power banks then store power in themselves which you can then be used to recharge your smartphones, tablets, wireless speakers, wireless headphones, laptops, etc. wherever or whenever you need that extra bit of power for your devices. The smartphone can be attached to the mobile power bank through a USB based port and then charging your gadget. There are several manufacturing brands introducing a wide range of power banks with various capacities for a different demographic range of consumers in the market and identifying the best power bank jump starter is a difficult task.

Manufacturing brands are introducing a wide range of power banks in various sizes, shapes, colors, designs, and capacities to meet the needs of the consumers. The battery capacity of the power banks is measured in mill ampere. Commonly bought is the power bank 6000mAh capacity. The most commonly produced and used type of power bank is called a universal power bank which can be bought in most retail stores and online-based stores. In recent times, there has been an introduction of solar-based power banks which have been in high commanding demand in the consumer market. These power banks have small scale solar panels which can be recharged by exposing them to sunlight to recharge apart from their inbuilt batteries like most power banks.

The time required to recharge the power bank depends on the varying brands manufacturing the devices. Most brands print the life span of the power bank which is often in the form of recharge cycles (commonly most of the brands provide a 500 cycle). Another important aspect to know about most power banks is the discharge rate which simply means the rate at which the power bank battery will lose its power even when it is not in use or is idle. In recent years, the growth of technology in lithium-based batteries has seen the infusion of lithium-based batteries in power bank production as well. Lithium-Ion and Lithium Polymer are the most recent and much in demand in the battery world. The best aspect about them is that they can hold power for a much longer duration as opposed to the other battery compositions. In recent times, power banks that can charge themselves and the devices are rising in demand among the consumers. These fast charging based power banks are commonly known as Type C Power Bank.

There is a wide range of famous brands that offer a wide range of power banks. One of the most significant manufacturers is Imazing whose power banks are known for its durability and performance without damaging gadgets battery and it also provide a long-lasting power to your electronic devices.

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