Things you need to know about Car battery maintenance

The globally consistent exponential growth and progress in the automobile transport industry is something nothing to be surprised about in recent times. Cars have become an integral part and parcel of the lives of human beings. They are universally the most preferred means of transport anywhere in the world. Manufacturers of cars are producing a wide range of car models for a wide range of budgets and consumers. Modern-day cars are infused with several technological advancements to make driving safe, secure and comfortable.

The development of technology in the automobile industry has seen the inclusion of technology such as security cameras, GPS systems, automatic driving, a navigation system, music system, air conditioner, charging ports for communication devices among others.

The main source of power for all the electronic devices installed in the car is dependent on the car battery. In such a situation a lot of stress and importance are laid upon the car battery. The development of car batteries in recent times has been significant which also means one needs to take the utmost care and maintain their car battery. A safe method is to store a portable car battery charger in your car for emergency situations.

In this article we will highlight all the essential information regarding the maintenance of your car battery:

  1. Battery Expiration

Most batteries often have a life span or simply put an expiration date. The expiration date varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Batteries tend to wear out over time with regular usage. It is extremely necessary to keep a watchful eye on the expiration dates and maintain the battery accordingly. In cases of emergency, it helps to carry a rechargeable car battery jump starter in your car.

  1. Regular Cleaning of Battery

The nature of the function of any battery is based on the process of electrochemistry which simply means that the chemical reaction inside the battery is a continuous process. The chemicals inside the battery react with each other and can cause issues of corrosion on the metal around the battery especially the terminals. The corrosion can be cleaned by the simple use of baking soda and water with a brush.

  1. Regularly check the level of water

Water is an important aspect of most batteries but it necessary to know that only distilled water should be used to refill the battery. To refill the level of water unhook the cork or cap on top of the battery, use a funnel to slowly and gently pour distilled water in the battery. Caution must be taken to prevent overfilling the battery.

  1. Apply grease to avoid corrosion

There are different types of grease available in the market which can help protect against corrosion issues. Regular application of grease on exposed areas with metal will help protect against corrosion.

  1. Regularly check the voltage of the battery

The average ratio of the voltage for any battery should be around 12.5 to 12.6 volts for a fully charged battery. Every time you take your car to the garage have the mechanic check the voltage. One can also use a battery maintainer device to regularly have a watchful eye on the health of the battery.

  1. Emergency car battery accessories

There are several accessories being produced by manufacturers, especially for cars. For preventing unforeseen events of emergency buying and storing a car battery charger portable power pack in your car can be very handy during battery-related emergency situations.

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