Upcoming Technologies You Need to Know About Self-Driving Cars

The day is not so far when people will see flying cars and self-driving cars, although the self-driving is not a dream anymore, reputed well known recognizable brands have already tested these cars.

Financially the company and organizations are on the right path in developing and manufacturing self-driving cars. It will take quite a bit time to educate consumers on what are the benefits and other essential features you should not ignore. These processes will cost a billion dollars, but the positive thing that we extract from this practice-it is our future technology in cars.

The real issue is how lawmakers will behave and will the local government body will allow the self-driving cars on public roads. Many brands like Toyota, Mercedes, BMW, and many other brands are spending on self-driving technology. If these companies get a positive response from consumers then sooner or later there is a possibility we can see the automatic self-driving driverless cars on public roads.

Search giant Google also stepped in to build self-driving cars for consumers because they know it is the future version of today’s car. Google already has its own prototype-which some has already spotted between San Francisco and Palo Alto.

There are a lot of guesses, and rumors are knocking the doors some consumers believe some not. However, there are some genuine and important facts we carried out for you, which are revealed by a few companies previously.

Here in this article, we are here to focus on the features you probably not heard about Self-driving cars before:

► Audi is working on a combo

Audi is seemingly working on a model that can be operated by both human and automated features. The steering wheel has two buttons that must be pressed all together to trigger piloted mode, and drivers can also take over the wheel if required.

The premium automaker, Volvo is taking a similar approach, as well. It is likely the direction lawmakers will want to go and car makers taking this approach could be at an advantage over fully driverless vehicles.

► Google’s car has a face

According to a Google report, widespread success will be challenging to achieve unless consumers become more comfortable with the automation process. Unfortunately, though, many are intrinsically hostile towards technology and aren’t easily influenced. In response to this, Google will effort to humanize its first self-driving car by giving a ‘face’ look on the front of the vehicle to make it a friendly appearance.

► Japan is working together

Japan has announced that all three of the country’s major automakers - Toyota, Nissan, and Honda - will join together and combine efforts to propel the country past the competition. The goal is to share ideas and technology to cut production and development costs and guard against weaknesses.

These are a few future technologies listed that are going to replace today's technology in cars, and ultimately, it will be up to these automakers to prove these vehicles are safer and more reliable alternatives to existing cars. Move over drivers - you may no longer be needed.

The driverless future is coming!

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