How Cars Have Changed Over the Years

Karl Benz, the brain behind the first engine automobile in 1886 which produces 0.75 horsepower, in today’s time it may sound funny but that was the first gas engine car, by that time there was no blueprint how quickly the world will change and then unforeseeable future. In 1920 three biggies US giant automaker Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler hold the steering and started producing cars with a power output of 35 horsepower.

As time passed, the things are kept on changing by time, by 1980 German automaker revolutionize the car segment market the German brand like Mercedes and BMW started to dominate the market globally.

Here in this article, we will focus on how technology changed the style, look, and power in every segment of cars.

Doesn’t time, fly? Although sadly our cars don’t… yet

Brighter and Bigger Headlamps

Headlights were first introduced in 1980’s time that tome no one thought how the headlamps would modify by time. In today’s time the first thing that appeal is headlights, LED lights replaced Halogen bulbs. Although still in small segment cars, companies still prefer halogen lamps. Xenon light has more accurate focus, stylish, and appealing lights equipped in many premium brands. These are bigger, more reflective, and embedded with automatic sensors.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

As per government rule, two-wheelers which are more than 125cc or above is mandatory for the automobiles maker to facilitate with ABS. ABS simply doesn’t lock your wheel and avoid the risk of slip on the road. It is available in two variant, Single channel ABS and Dual channel ABS in two-wheelers.

Fuel Injection

Poor carburetors are outdated technology. Carburetors were a device that blended air and fuel for an internal combustion engine, but they’ve been forced aside since the late ’90s by the superior fuel injection.

The main difference between a carburetor and a fuel injection is that the fuel injection atomizes the fuel through a nozzle under high pressure, while the carburetor uses suction.

Fuel injection engines deliver more power and are more fuel efficient.

Portable Jump Starters

Are you tired of long wires clip jump starter? With the latest invention and technology, the latest invention is portable jump starters, which are quick to charge and has the ability to jump start your car when required. Always buy a reputed brand like Imazing, one of the best quality providers of the jump starter. Imazing uses the hi-quality long-lasting batteries in their jump starters with quality assured.

Hybrid Engines

Nowadays, many automobile brands offer half electric and petrol/diesel it is the way towards the future, it is the ideal step to save the fuel and maximize mileage. While the technology has been around for some time, the costs of hybrid energy limited to smaller vehicles such as cars and trucks and more and more hybrid cars are becoming available on the market. Toyota has already stepped towards the future.

These are the few latest inventions and most popular features currently trending in modern car models. Which are your favorite features?

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