What to do if you’re Car Engine Overheats?

The automobile industry has specially made immense growth in the past century. Companies dealing with automobiles have developed vastly. They have manufactured and introduced to the consumer world a wide range of designs of motor vehicles for a wide range of budgets. Cars as we commonly refer them, have been a widely chosen means of transportation for most individuals residing anywhere in the world.

Car troubles can be very stressful experiences, especially you do not know what is wrong and have to depend on the expert to arrive and rectify the issue. Common car trouble is the overheating of the engine which commonly occurs because of simple reasons but one needs to know both the reasons and the solutions which are not rocket science. In most cases, it is always wise to store an emergency breakdown kit in your car which can include a first aid kit, jumper cables, water, a rechargeable car battery jump starter, mobile power bank, etc.

The working science of the car engine is simple to understand. The car engine generates a lot of heat through its working which is absorbed in form of water by the coolant stored in the heat exchanger or commonly called water pump which then is pushed into the radiator where the water cools down and is again sent back into the engine. The process goes on in a similar manner.

In most common cases, a car engine overheats because of the rise and fall of temperature. The level of coolant being at a very low level could be another important reason for heating up of your car engine. Blockage of the exhaust vents of your car due to any debris could be another reason for overheating of the car engine since the exhaust are the only outlets through which excessive heat is released from the car into the atmosphere.

Leakage in the pipes connecting the water pump could be another reason for your car engine overheating. Damage to the thermostat in the car could also cause a car engine to overheat. In most situations it is wise to regularly tune up your car with an expert mechanic which will help you avoid you from getting into any car breakdown emergencies.

So, what do you need to do when your car engine is overheating? Below are some simple steps you can follow:

Step 1: Turn off the Air Conditioner

The air conditioner is commonly used in summers. It increases the load on the engine as well as being a hassle for the battery maintainer. If the engine overheats, turn the air conditioner off which will reduce the pressure on the engine and the battery aiding in cooling the car engine.

Step 2: Turn Heater On

The heater, when turned on, will transfer the heat generated in the car engine into the driver and passenger area of the car reducing the heat in the engine.

Step 3: Pull Over

The best solution for letting an overheated car engine to cool off is to pull over the car on the side of the road, open the hood of the car and let it cool off naturally. It does not take more than 30 minutes for your car engine to cool down to its natural state; after which you can drive again.

Step 4: Less use of Brakes

Getting caught in traffic is common. A recurring mistake most drivers engage in is extensive use of brakes. Constant use of brakes increases the pressure on the engine which in turn will heat it up.

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