Wireless Charging Is Here, Stop Searching Extensive Car Chargers

Imagine you are just halfway to your destination and your smart phone/iPhone runs out of charge when you are relying on it for navigation! In such a situation, a wireless charger comes to your rescue. Just place your phone on the charger and the charging begins.

Let’s see how a wireless car charger can save your day.

• Turn off additional Apps
If you use heavy battery-draining apps like Google maps or high-end games etc, your phone battery won’t last long. In this case, charging in a car is certainly your thing.

• Get freedom from tangle-free wires
The wireless car chargers provide relief from the troubles of cables and cords that were involved in the earlier charging method. Thus, you do not have to fumble around trying to find the cables.

• Imazing iPhone car charger
Investing in a wireless car charger that supports various kinds of phones is a wise choice. For example, Imazing iPhone Car Charger is compatible with all kinds of mobile phones, tablets, GPS navigation, and other electronic devices.

• Certified chargers
Some wireless car chargers are fast charging than the others. If your device is 2.0-, 3.0- or PD compatible, ensure that the car charger is certified to charge these devices. This can have a huge impact on the speed of charging. When you are in a car, charging speed becomes a major concern as you would want the device to get charged before reaching your destination. Imazing wireless car chargers are fast charging and have dual USB ports as well.

There are varieties of wireless car chargers. Some of the well-known reputed wireless iPhone car chargers are Imazing iPhone car charger 5V/2.1A, Spigen 36W Quick Charge 3.0 Car Charger, RAVPower 24W 4.8A Metal Dual Car Adapter, iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Qi Wireless Car Mount: Most Flexible and Anker PowerDrive Speed 2 USB Car Charger. DOCA Qi Wireless Car Charger Mount Holder is beautifully designed as it only has a magnet that holds the phone and there are no frames covering the sides of your phone.

Some wireless car chargers like BASENOR Charging Dock has two holders but can charge only through one of them. iOttie Easy One Touch Air Vent Mount has a built-in swivel ball that enables a 360 degrees rotation. Imazing cell phone car charger 5V/2.1A has built a safety feature that ensures protection against short circuit, overcharging and overheating. Its dual USB ports are powered by safety circuit intelligent converter and the high-efficiency conversion enables the main and auxiliary drivers can charge at the same time.

Its charging speed and data transfer cable are high due to its high quality four copper wires. It is easy to use as it is compact and easily fits into the socket. It can be used as a safety window hammer for emergency exit.

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