5 Signs When It’s Time to Get A New Car Battery

Your car battery goes through a lot during regular usage. From providing the energy needed to start your car to keep the voltage stable at all times, the amount of stress a battery suffers over months of usage is just way too much. And just like any other car part, batteries die out as well. But how do you know when it is time to get a new car battery? There are five important signs that you need to keep an eye out for. Interested in finding out how? Read on!

Slow Engine Turnover

Your car battery is responsible for giving your vehicle the initial jump it needs to fire up the engine. In case your car battery is failing, you will notice that it takes way too long for your engine to start. The sound of your engine will also change and will feel sluggish and slow. When things get even worse, you may need several attempts to start your car all the time. It is recommended to get a battery booster to resolve these issues when the time comes.

Chemical Smell

If you notice that the hood of your car is emitting a strong sulfuric odor, you may want to change your battery as soon as possible. Most cars still use lead-acid batteries which are nothing but a mix of sulfuric acid and water. Try to check for corrosion around the battery compartment and see if you need to replace your battery. Do not use a car battery jump starter in such a situation whatsoever as it may lead to a hazardous situation and also destroy your jump starter.

Engine Lights Turn On

If your check engine light turns on whenever you try to start your car, it may be time to get a new battery. You should first try the best power bank jump starter you have access to and try to get your car to fire up. If it does not work, check your coolant lights and other error messages. If you see other indicators are glowing as well, it may be time for a battery replacement.

Swollen Battery

If your car battery swells up, it is a telltale sign that your car battery needs changing. You should stop using your car immediately and try to get a replacement as soon as possible. Before replacing your battery, you should also check your battery terminals as there may be damage in the area surrounding the battery as well.

Your Car Shuts Down After Starting

If your car starts, and then it shuts down right after, there may be underlying battery issues. It may be caused by corroded or broken battery terminals. It is a phenomenon car mechanics call a parasitic draw. It can also cause some electric functions in your car to continue working while your car is turned off. It is not a safe state to leave your car in, and we recommend you fix or replace your battery immediately.

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