7 Facts You Didn’t Know about Power Banks

The world is going smarter, and the automation is also being introduced in all aspects of life, but at the same time power needs to sustain this automation is also becoming equally important. The power that will keep the system running is the key to all technologically advanced products.

The modern devices include Smart phones, tablets, Bluetooth headsets, and many other devices that are backed by battery power. We all know the batteries eventually age by time and usage, which require more charge duration by time. Therefore we need to charge out phone regularly but what if, being caught away from home with a dying phone battery? Would you search for a power socket? Or would you like to charge with a portable power bank? Power banks make things quick and simple; all you need is a power bank and phone’s USB cord. Do you know more than 90% of people feel powerless when their phones switch off.

Power banks have become one of the popular and most preferred choices for charging electronics gadgets. We all know how smart phones have become an essential part of our life; therefore it is important to carry a power bank with us.
Before we focus on the facts, do you know what mAh is? And what are the right capacities of mAh for you? Let's find out.

• first, check your phone battery (mAh capacity)
•  if your phone battery has 4000 mAh battery then you can go for 10000 mAh capacity power bank, it can charge your phone up to twice
•  mAh (mill ampere-hour) is the battery capacity that reflects the amount of power stored in a battery

Let's find out some interesting facts you didn’t know about Power bank:

• Power banks are capable of charging the laptop
No, not all portable power bank is capable of charging a laptop, but few especially designed power banks can charge the laptop, the regular power bank from which we charge our smart phones can not charge laptop because laptop requires a high power output whereas a standard power bank deliver only 5V which aren’t sufficient for the laptops.

• 100% charging from a power bank? Stop doing it from today
Your smart phones consume power even when you charge your devices, did you ever noticed after 80% of charging your phone it reflects ‘your battery sufficient charged’ this is because after the certain percent it will charge slowly, it is recommended to disconnect power. I.e., it is easier to fill backpack up to 80%, and if you try to fill the rest 20%, it will take more time and efforts.

• Do you know the lifetime of the power bank
Lithium-ion, including lithium-polymer batteries used in Power Banks and smart phones, eventually lose their capacity over time between 300-500 cycles depending on the battery cell quality and chemical composition. The bigger the battery is, the fewer cycles you will need to charge it and the longer it will last. Smartphone’s discharge their battery daily thus has a shorter battery lifetime than a large capacity Power Bank.

• Fastest way to charge and save energy on your power bank
Some smart phones automatically update the latest software, which consumes more battery power, if you want to save energy from a power bank then put your phone on flight mode that will disable your network, and which enables to charge much faster.

• Output voltage and current
Output Voltage and Current of the Power Bank does matters for the safety of your device. Standard power banks available in the market are usually of 5V which is compatible to charge the phone without any damage. But if the input power of the Power Bank is higher than your device one’s, it may result in short-circuiting. Don’t buy a power bank whose output supply is less than 5V.

 Why some power banks take long hours to charge
It depends on the capacity of the power bank; a more mAh battery will take more time, but it will stay a more extended time whereas, a smaller capacity power bank will charge soon, but you may need to charge it again.

• Use original wires
Always charge your power bank with an original cables provided; never charge with low quality of cables it may hamper the lifetime of your power bank.

Always buy a power bank from a reputed brand like Imazing whose power banks are perfectly crafted with excellence in quality.

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