Has this ever happened to you? You jump into the driver’s seat of your car, in a rush to get to your work. You turn the key and get ready to zoom away—but as you turn your ignition, nothing happens. A few clicks or stray sputters of your engine, maybe. But other than that? Nothing.

You probably know this is due to a dead car battery, some of them start with jump starters or some call for roadside assistance. Keeping a bit of knowledge about the jump starter is not a bad idea; it saves time and money as well.

If you carry a high quality, durable and reputed brand like Imazing jump starter, then you might not face this problem because a jump starter is a boon for a dead battery, all you need to jump-start your car and enjoy your drive. These jump starter s are affordable and easy to access; all you need is to read the manual before operating.

Here in this article, we will focus on what all you need to do once your car battery is dead, and we will tell you the procedure to do in the right way.

Hold your seat belts and let's find out:

► Choose the right jump starter

Before going forward always buy the good quality of jump starters, Imazing jump starters are waterproof and durable. It provides the right amount of power supply to jump start your car.
Note- Jump starters don’t charge your battery it gives only the initial power supply to jump starts your car.

► Park your car

The second most important step is to place your vehicle in an appropriate area, always make sure it should be a wide open area with ample space to jump-start your car.

► Make sure your portable jump starter is fully charged

Before jump starts your car always assure that your jump starter has full juice power. After every attempt, you need to charge your jump starter. To jump-start your car, the portable jump starter needs the full potential of charge.

► Use protective measures

Use gloves and eye protection glass to avoid any spill or chemical leakage from the battery. Always remember to wear your safety guards before operating your jump starter.

► Read Owners’ Manual

It is easy to operate a jump starter, although it is advisable to read the manual before operating. You should know the basic knowledge of how and which cables you need to plug it properly at the right place.

► Disconnect cables properly

Once you jump start your car unplug your car starter wires properly, don’t push the wires in a hurry, this act may harm the car battery.

These are some basics which you need to remember, let's have a look at a few quick tips that will help you to understand much faster. Here you go:

► Observation and Do’s and Don’t

Look up your battery charger’s voltage in the manual for correct information.
Be sure it matches the jump starter’s output voltage. This is normally a 12V supply.

• Identify the positive (look for the “P,” or “+” symbol) and negative terminals (look for the “N,” or “-“symbol) on your battery. Remove excessive corrosion before attaching the cables.

• Do not allow clamps (both positive and negative) to come into contact with each other.

• Once the jumper cables are decisively in place, you can turn on the portable jump starter.

• Do not eccentric the engine for more than 5-8 seconds.
If your car doesn't turn on after the first attempt, wait for 5 minutes and try again. Change your car battery if the car doesn’t start after 4-4 attempts.

We provided you the complete guidelines on how to jump-start your dead car battery. These steps will pace your life. As a result, you will never be late in your life.

‘Live Long Drive’ with jump starter!