How to Increase the Life of a Jump Starter

The portable jump starters are the needs of every vehicle, wherever you are going travel worry-free, thanks to advanced durable long lasting Li-ion battery that gives power to every jump starters.

Portable jump starters are the latest product from Imazing who are committed to building a quality product with certified safety measures along with durability and toughness. A majority of the consumers use jump starter, but do you know there is the common issue everyone face after a limited time is ‘Quick Battery Drain’ although we agree after a limited period of time Li-ion battery start to age by time and lose its capacity. Don’t be upset; here we are going to tell how you can manage a good battery life of your jump starter.

Here in this article, we will talk about what measures you should take to increase the life of a jump starter.

Are you ready for it? Let’s go:

• Use Frequent
With frequent use, the battery capacity will be maintained. As a result, it won't lose its capacity. Consumers normally use after a long period of time this could be a reason to degrade its capability. Use it always when need.

• Full Charge
Unlike smart phones, the jump starter is equipped with Li-ion batteries, always charge fully to get the maximum potential of power during a jump start your car.
Note- Charge after every use because it can only jump starts your vehicle if it is fully charged.

• If its heat avoid its use
Sometime you may have observed that your jump starter is hot to hold. In this case, avoid using and wait till it gets cool.

• Use Quality Cables
Always use Hi-Quality of wires, which should not be more than 3 feet long, a torn cable is unsafe to jump-start your car. A split wire may result in power loss and additional pressure on jump starter which may cause a short circuit.

• Quality Matters
Do know if you buy a cheap quality of jump starter, there is a higher risk of safety because local brands don’t have R&D team who do research and analysis of the upcoming products. Therefore, those brands ignore safety measures. A better quality will give maximum performance with high quality tested battery.

These are the few essential points you should remember, we know batteries age by time, but by following these measures, we can utilize the maximum potential of the battery for a longer time.
Apart from this, the battery performance also depends on the usage and maintenance, how you take care of the jump starter. If you use roughly, or you expose to direct sunlight, then there is a higher chance that the jump starter battery will degrade.

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