Things to Avoid while Using Portable Jump Starter

You get into your car, put the key in the ignition, turn it and nothing happens except a weird clicking noise. Guess what? Your battery might be dead.

Nowadays, portable car jumper is the backbone of every car; car jumpers jump start your car without any hassle. Jump starter needs a charge after every use because jump starter forcibly jump-starts your car’s battery at once.

Do you know every jump starters has a limited life cycle? Yes, that’s true the average lifecycle is around 500 charge cycles. The portable jump starter is the modern technique to do the mentioned act. It is always suggested to read the manual before operating.

Jump-starting a car is relatively simple, but there are few things you should avoid when trying to revive a dead car battery.

Here in this article, we will focus on the things which you should not do when you jump start your car. Here are a few important measures listed:

► Don’t Smoke

If you are a frequent smoker or occasional smoker, it doesn’t matter, if your are near the car battery and smoking this is what it matters because a battery is extremely volatile, and even the reletavely spark could end in a tragedy. Do step away from your car if you need to smoke.

► Don’t jump start the car if your car battery is cracked or leaking

Before jump starts the car, you should always inspect the battery, if there is a leak in battery avoid immediately to jump-start your vehicle. This could result in a catastrophic explosion resulting from sparks igniting volatile gasses escaping from the battery.

► Don’t use low quality of wires

Make sure that your jump starter cables are in good condition, color-coded and at least 3 meters long. Wires in poor condition can cause sparks, fire, and other severe damage that can be dangerous to you.

► Not reading the manual
Before operating, always read the manual first, because these manuals have specific procedures on how to jump-start their vehicles. This also include the information about the location of the battery, which may not be in the front of the engine. 

► Not wearing gloves

All batteries contain sulfuric acid which might be dangerous if it comes under direct contact with the skin, therefore it is always advisable to wear thin gloves and eye protection glass. It is important to take advisory measures rather than saying sorry, isn’t it?

► If you are not sure- call a professional

If you’ve tried all you could and your car still won’t start, then it is better to call a professional without wasting time.

Here we mentioned six important steps you should avoid; we are not giving you a warning- we are releasing an advisory for you. We believe in this theory, ‘Prevention is better than cure’ it is important to take few essential measures to avoid risks that could harm your life.

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