Things to Consider before Buying a Power Bank

Around 2.1 billion of peoples are using smart phones; it became a need for every smartphone holder. In today’s life, these phones have entered in our personal life, and we feel incomplete without a phone.

Whenever our phone battery is low, we feel restless and look to find out the power circuit to charge our phones. Do you know there is one easy way to charge our phones? Power Bank, yes that's right, no need to worry when your phone display shows low battery, a power bank is the best alternate option you get to charge your phone.

Charging your phone with a power bank is not only the thing because there are a lot of options available in the market, do you know a cheap quality of power bank can degrade your phone battery? Yes, that’s true; the cheap quality power bank supplies power output less than 5V, which is harmful to the phones battery lifecycle.

Here in this article, we will focus on a few crucial steps that will help your phone to stay charged. Curiosity to know?

Let’s find out:

This is the first step before buying a power bank, choose a reputed brand like Imazing who offer one of the best quality in the market, it is precisely designed and tested with durability. These brands offer a high quality of battery cells and more reliable circuit chips that protects your phone from short circuit.

Check the capacity of your phone’s battery
It is always essential to know the capacity of your phone battery; according to the capacity, it is advisable to buy a power bank. For example, if your phone battery has 2000 mAh capacity battery and if you buy a 10000 mAh capacity power bank, don’t assume that it will charge your phone up to 5 times, it will charge only 4 times maximum up to 8000 mAh because at some point all power banks lose some charge during charge.

Size of the Power Bank
Nowadays, advanced technologies products are knocking the door with a small and compact size. Therefore a reputed brand like Imazing offers a wide range of small, portable yet powerful power bank options. So, pay attention to the weight and dimension of the power bank also rather than just focusing on the mAh rating.

Check Ports
If you carry two or more devices, then it is essential to check the port option available in power bank. If you are traveling and your both phones are indicating low battery, the benefits of two ports that it gives an option to charge two devices simultaneously at the same time.

Build Quality and Durability
Check before you buy, good quality of power bank can survive in light fall, if the power bank is made of plastic then there is a higher chance of a break, always consider to buy from a good brand as well as a good build quality. Accidents can happen at any time anywhere, so be prepared by carrying a robust quality of power bank.


These are some handy tips, especially for the first time buyers; calculate the specification as per your needs. Superfluous battery capacity will come with a baggage of its own, which might be a problem in the future.

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